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An Overview of Epic Covid-19 Journeys Back Home

The global Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it immense difficulty and disruption to people’s lives. To combat the spread of the virus, many countries shut down their borders, leaving many stranded away from home. Despite this, however, several individuals embarked on epic journeys in order to reunite with their families at home. Here, we look at some amazing stories of courage and fortitude in the face of adversity as they undertook their journey back home.

Couple’s 26-Hour Road Trip From India to Germany

When their family from India was unable to enter Germany, a couple decided in April 2020 to undertake an epic journey by car. This involved two airport transfers, two flights, three trains, and a 26-hour road trip covering 4,000 kilometers. Despite the immense challenges the situation posed to them, the couple eventually arrived home safe and sound with a newfound appreciation for family and home.

Teens Record 29 Countries’ Journey From China To The United States

In July 2020, a 15-year-old student from China was determined to reunite with his family in the US during an unprecedented time of travel restrictions. Despite all odds, he managed to cross 29 countries and 5 continents to make it home safe and sound. His incredible journey included three flights, 11 stopovers, 16 transfers, several passport stamps and more than 20 hours of layovers spent in a variety of airports. The joy of finally reuniting with his family was only matched by the incredible pride he felt for making it home in one piece against all odds.

Nigerian Man Story of a 2,000 km Bike Journey Home

A Nigerian man also traveled an incredible journey to reunite with his family. During the pandemic, domestic flights were canceled and he faced travel restrictions and lockdowns across Nigeria. Undaunted by this, he decided to embark on an epic 2,000 km bike ride from Lagos to Maiduguri which normally takes around 10 days by road. It took him 17 days of intense cycling, completing up to 350km a day in scorching heat, but eventually, he made it home safe and sound. His determination was rewarded when he reunited with his family after such an incredible effort to make it home, reminding us all about the power of love.

A 10-day, 9000 km Motorbike Ride from Taiwan to India

Another incredible journey during the Coronavirus pandemic was taken by two Taiwanese men who decided to ride a motorbike 9000 km from Taiwan to India! It took them around 10 days, passing through 8 countries, and encountering all sorts of roadblocks and travel restrictions. Although they faced many difficulties during their epic journey, these two determined individuals eventually managed to make it safely back home. Through this incredible story, we are reminded of the power of perseverance and faith.

From Australia To Georgia: A Three-Month 28-Country Grueling Trek

A remarkable journey was taken by a German man who decided to travel from Australia to Georgia in three months. It took him through a total of 28 countries and it was indeed a grueling trek. Through various modes of transportation such as buses, trains, planes, and ships, the determined traveler managed to make it safely home despite all the risks of coronavirus exposure. Along the way, he experienced some amazing cultures, food, and people that allowed him to gain an invaluable sense of perspective about himself and life itself.