Newest Fashion Trends & Must-Follow Tips from Top Designers

Whether you follow the runways or pick up a magazine, it can be hard to know what’s an “in” look and which fashion trends will stand the test of time. With this guide, you’ll find an updated list of must-have style pieces from leading designers across the globe.

Learn the Basics of Colours and Patterns

A wardrobe is only as good as its foundation! Knowing the basics of colours and patterns, such as combining bright shades with pastels, or plaids with stripes will help you create eye-catching outfits. An understanding of these basic principles will also give you the confidence to break away from conventional combinations and express your own creative style.

Get Inspired by Street Style Inspo

Looking for the perfect way to bring in the newest trends? Take a look at street fashion for inspiration. Street style provides ideas on how to wear something edgy and sophisticated, or simply provides an insight into color combinations and materials that you have not considered yet. Using this ‘real life’ context can help you create outfits that are unique and stylish.

Invest in Key Pieces & Statement Accessories

Having some stylish wardrobe staples and statement pieces is essential for creating a fashionable look. Invest in timeless classics such as checkered shirts, leather jackets, or gold watches as well as quality fabrics like knits or silk. For extra flair, add statement accessories that are easy to switch up – try pairing a colorful beret with an all-black outfit for an eye-catching look.

Follow the Latest Trends and Styles Each Season

Keep up with the newest fashion trends by following the latest styles each season. Check out what top designers are releasing and pay attention to what influencers, bloggers, and celebrities are wearing for inspiration. To make sure your look remains timeless, pick a few trendy items that you love as opposed to buying everything that’s ‘in’. Additionally, take advantage of sales and discounts – this way you can enjoy designer quality at an affordable price.

Get Creative with Layering & Textures

Layering and textures are a great way to stay on trend while still keeping your look classic. This season, consider investing in a few new key pieces such as textured jackets, knitwear, and thick coats – they’ll come in really handy during the colder months! Balance out these statement items with more understated pieces like tailored trousers, chunky boots, or timeless sneakers. With subtle layering and just the right amount of texture, you can create an iconic yet modern look.