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China-India War: Should America Automatically Support India Militarily?

In the event of a war between India and China, the United States is unlikely to provide military assistance to India. However, America’s position on the conflict could be pivotal in determining how each side manages its relations with other countries and what happens on the international stage.

US Pledge of Military Support for India Against China

The US has been a long-term ally of India and will continue to support its quest for greater security. While the United States has not made any formal statements of military assistance to India in the event of a potential conflict with China, the Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy has echoed calls from Congress to bolster military coordination and cooperation between the two countries in order to ensure stability in the face of Chinese aggression.

Joint Ventures and Bilateral Security Arrangements

The United States and India have engaged in a number of joint ventures and bilateral security arrangements over the past decade, including increased information sharing, increased joint exercises, coordinated patrols, and training exchanges. These activities are intended to strengthen the US-India defense relationship and provide mutual benefits for both countries in terms of providing greater security assurance as well as opportunities for collaboration on emerging military technologies.

Presence of US Forces in India as a Deterrent to Chinese Aggression

In the event of a potential Chinese aggression against India, US forces could be used as a deterrent to prevent war and facilitate dialogue between India and China. The presence of US forces in India might be viewed by China as an unwanted escalation of the situation or as a sign that the US is willing to intervene militarily if necessary. This could provide greater impetus for China to commit to diplomatic negotiations and peaceful resolutions rather than resorting to war with India.

Expansion of Joint Training and Intelligence Sharing Between the US and India

The US and India have long had a close military relationship, but in recent years this has expanded to include joint training opportunities. This can further bolster the security of both countries, as the sharing of intelligence and best practices can help both nations better identify threats and keep each other informed on possible escalations or hostile acts by China. Joint exercises can also demonstrate America’s commitment to assisting India if a war were to break out with China.

Reassessment of Foreign Policy Towards China by the US Involving India

In the event of a China-India conflict, the US would most likely reassess its foreign policy towards China and involve India more in its defense partnership. This could mean increased military exchanges and cooperation, as well as diplomatic conversations to ensure that both nations are on the same page when it comes to security in the region. Additionally, it is likely that the US would provide greater support to India should a war occur — either financially or in terms of weaponry or resources — showing its commitment to regional stability and India’s sovereignty.