Chasing Arctic Storms with Climate Scientists – A Thrilling Adventure

Join daring climate scientists as they venture into the depths of storms in the Arctic to uncover details about the Earth’s climate. In this thrilling journey, immerse yourself and follow their expedition to learn how their findings will shape our future.

Meet the Daring Climate Scientists

Step aboard the ship and meet its crew of daring climate scientists. From renowned researchers to pioneering new innovators, these exceptional individuals will take you along their journey as they discover how extreme weather is altering our planet’s future. Follow along and learn from their observations as they explore this wild landscape, teaching us how to be better stewards of the Earth!

Explore the Arctic Ecosystems and See How it Has Changed Over Time

Through this documentary, you’ll get an up-close look at the Arctic ecosystem and how it’s changed over time. Along with these climate scientists, you will witness first-hand melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and vanishing wildlife habitats – each impacted by the radical shifts in climate that are happening faster than ever before. It’s an almost surreal experience that makes us want to act fast to try and restore what we may have lost.

Learn About the Dramatic Impact of Global Warming on Polar Regions

This documentary will not only give you an adrenaline-fueled journey into the Arctic, but also a factual and eye-opening look at the real-world effects of climate change. You’ll learn how a warming planet is reshaping the Arctic’s sea ice and altering the flow of ocean currents that impact the entire planet. As climate scientists race against time to collect data on these rapid changes, it’s up to us – as viewers – to take this newfound knowledge and do something before it’s too late.

Experience an Expedition from the Point of View of Leading Specialists in the Field

Follow untold stories from a host of climate scientists and their research teams as they take on the biggest scientific challenge of the century — propelling us headfirst into the unpredictable wilderness of an icy Arctic Ocean. See the world through their lens, as we explore technological advances in science, and uncover solutions that can save our planet.

Discover How You Can Play a Role in Combatting Climate Change at Home and Abroad

It’s exciting to think that the climate scientists showcased in Chasing Arctic Storms are making a real difference toward preserving our planet. But what can everyday citizens do? From individual actions like reducing energy consumption and driving hybrid cars to participating in global initiatives, there are many hands-on ways we can join in the fight against climate change. Learn more about how you can pursue opportunities to make your own contribution and become part of this inspiring story of resilience and hope.