The World’s Greatest Theme Parks – Our Top 100 List

Looking for an unforgettable experience that’s high on thrills and fun? Then you’ll want to check out our list of the world’s best theme parks! From classic favorites like Universal Studios and Six Flags to more unique and offbeat destinations, we’ve compiled a top 100 must-see parks so you can plan the ultimate theme park itinerary.

List the Top 100 Theme Parks

Compiling a top 100 list of the greatest theme parks wasn’t easy, but here it is! From Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, to Tokyo Disneyland and Legoland in California, your next thrill-seeking adventure starts here:

  • Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL, USA
  • Universal Studios – Orlando, FL, USA
  • Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson Township, NJ, USA
  • Disneyland Paris – Marne-La-Vallée, France
  • Tokyo Disney Resort – Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture Japan
  • Ocean Park Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR China
  • Port Aventura World‎ – Salou / Vilaseca Spain
  • Lotte World Adventure – Seoul South Korea

What does each theme park offer you?

Getting ready to plan your next theme park adventure? Make sure you know just what each park has to offer before you start booking your tickets. Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, and Universal Studios will give you non-stop thrills with all their exciting rides, shows, and attractions. Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, NJ is filled with roller coasters for the ultimate thrill seekers. Disneyland Paris offers a rich exploration experience with its French-themed boutiques and restaurants. Tokyo Disney Resort combined with Ocean Park Hong Kong brings a unique mix of American and Asian culture while PortAventura World has Spain’s highest roller coaster. Finally, Lotte WorldAdventure in Seoul South Korea brings a mix of carnival games and cultural experiences. With so much to choose from make sure you pick the parks that are perfect for you!

User ratings and reviews for each park

User ratings and reviews can be super helpful when deciding which parks to visit. Look for parks that have gotten excellent user ratings, offering a fun and safe experience. Keep an eye out for attractions, roller coasters, and games that others have enjoyed the most. Also look for comments about customer service, the convenience of location, cleanliness of the park, and other advantages or disadvantages to visiting each park. Ultimately choosing a theme park should be based on personal preference but with so much variety across the globe it’s important to make sure you pick what’s right for you!

Check photos and videos of each park

Researching parks online can give you some knowledge about the park, but it’s nothing compared to seeing footage from those who have experienced it. Many theme parks post photos and videos on their websites and social media channels. Videos are especially helpful for getting an idea of the intensity of each ride, and how long lines tend to be at each attraction. With photos, you can get a good glimpse of how clean and spacious the park is and if there’s enough shade for when you need a break from the sun.

Feature in-depth guides with ticket details, hours of operation, food offerings, and other attractions nearby

Make sure to also include helpful guides with detailed information about the park. This should include ticket details, hours of operation, food offerings, and other attractions nearby. To make it even more convenient for your readers, provide links to ticket sales websites and park maps. Additionally, you could provide tips on how to save money at the park or suggestions for special events taking place there. Not only do these guides make your travel site more comprehensive, but they can help ensure that your readers experience a flawless visit when they get there!