Nothing Stops Afro-Latinos from Joining Both Caucuses

Afro-Latinos are a growing population in the United States and have the opportunity to join and benefit from the myriad resources available through both the Black Caucus and the Hispanic or Latino Caucus. This article will explain why Afro-Latinos should consider joining each of these organizations, what advantages they can gain, and how they can do so.

Identify Your Cultural Roots

Once you’ve decided to join both caucuses, the first step is to identify your cultural roots. Doing so allows you to connect with your Afro-Latino identity and gain a better understanding of who you are and where you fit in. Take time to learn about the culture that makes up who you are and recognize the pride it brings. Understanding this will help you engage with the caucuses more deeply on issues that affect your community.

Understand Your Rights and Access to Resources

Upon joining both caucuses, it’s important to be aware of the rights and access to resources available to you. Depending on your individual circumstances, there may be tax credits, scholarships, loans, or programs that can help. Familiarize yourself with the resources available so you are prepared to maximize them and fully benefit from membership in both caucuses.

Reach Out to Both Caucuses for Support and Guidance

To get the most out of your membership in the Black and Hispanic caucuses, make sure to engage with them frequently. Reach out to established members of both groups for advice and support. Ask questions, see what programs they offer, and use your networks to bring awareness to issues pertinent to Afro-Latinos. This let you make connections that can help you grow personally and professionally.

Take Advantage of Networking Opportunities with On-Campus Events or Conferences

Joining both the Black and Hispanic caucuses offers a great opportunity to network with others in the community. On-campus events or conferences are perfect for this purpose. Attend career panels, workshops, lectures, and other activities to gain knowledge about issues pertaining to Afro-Latinos. You’ll get to meet new people and forge connections that can open up future opportunities!

Join Conversations that Matter to You and Advocate For Change When Necessary

Participating in conversations that matter to Afro-Latinos is key for being successful in both the Black and Hispanic caucuses. Use your platform to advocate for causes, such as immigration reform, police reform, and comprehensive healthcare. Speak up at rallies and engage with politicians about issues that concern you and your community so that your voice is heard. Being a part of something bigger than yourself can be truly rewarding.