A Special Performance by Amelia Barbar – ‘Peaches’ at the 2022 Grammy Awards

Stunning audiences worldwide, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Amelia Barbar took to the stage at the 2022 Grammy Awards show and delivered a captivating live performance of her hit single ‘Peaches’. With an emotionally charged delivery and dynamic musical accompaniment, Barbar’s rendition of ‘Peaches’ was a powerful highlight at the event. Amelia Barbar’s First Grammy Appearance Amelia Barbar’s…


Trade Groups Sue Trump Administration Over Visas

Trade groups representing major U.S. employers are suing the Trump administration over its new visa policies, arguing that the restrictions are unlawful and will cause economic harm to companies. The lawsuit comes as the White House has rolled out a series of executive orders and other measures tightening U.S. immigration rules amid a pandemic-related recession.…


Trump’s Residents Braving the Impact of Increasing Opposition

Trump’s residents are increasingly coming under fire from both supporters and opponents of the current White House administration. From protesters to calls for Congressional hearings, to an exodus of staff, these residents are facing mounting pressure as opposition against the President grows. Understanding the Contextual Nature of Rising Opposition Opposition to the current administration is…